Gratitude Series, 12/31/2011

12/31/11:  I am grateful for  watching the televised New Year celebration on Boston Common with one of my clients.

12/30/11:  Getting my hair cut.

12/29/11:  My husband Steve, who took the laundry to the laundromat when our washing machine died.

12/28/11:  Seafood Pad Thai and Ginger Pork takeout from Thai Chili Restaurant in Maynard, MA.

12/27/11:  Sleeping late!

12/26/11:  Coming home to an ecstatic cat.

12/25/11:  Opening gifts at Liz and Jon’s on Christmas morning, and then seeing a baby eagle and three white-faced ibises at Farmington Bay on the Great Salt Lake. You’ll find photos at Liz’s blog, Avian Explorer.

12/24/11: Seeing the delight on my sister-in-law Pat’s face as she takes in the dinosaur exhibits in the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, Utah.

12/23/11: Cafe Niche, 779 East 300 S., Salt Lake City, especially their warm red quinoa and arugula salad.

12/22/11: The sight of snow-capped mountains rising up around the flat plain of Salt Lake City, UT. We’re here to spend Christmas with our daughter Liz, her husband Jon, their two charming cockatiels, and Steve’s sister Pat.

12/21/11: My friend Joanne, with special thanks for wonderful conversations this year.

12/20/11: My friend Moragh, with special thanks for taking care of Ginzy the Cat.

12/19/11: WordPress, the company that provides the blogging service,, that I use for Joyous Paradox.

12/18/11: The birthday lunch that my son Edward cooked for me yesterday: a small piece of intensely flavored cheese, salad of asian greens and mango slices, an omelette, and mashed buttercup squash with cinnamon.

12/17/11: My twin sister, Katherine, whose birthday is today!

12/16/11: Coming home to a big hello from my family.

12/15/11: My son, Edward, who writes, bicycles, studies biology, reads Borges, and visits wetlands.

12/14/11: Mindfulness: being able to pay attention to what is happening now, in the present moment, without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. See Thich Nhat Hahn on Living in the Present Moment.

12/13/11: Dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones, who told NPR interviewer Melissa Block a beautiful story today about a song from Franz Schubert’s”Winterreise” that reminded him of a childhood memory of his father.

12/12/11: My cat Ginsberg, who was named by her previous owner after the poet Allan Ginsberg.

12/11/11: Being held accountable for things I said I’d do…a gratitude that is sometimes mixed with embarrassment and regret. You know how that goes, right?

12/10/11: My sister Corinne, whose birthday is today.

12/9/11: Seasonings from Penzey’s, especially Penzey’s Cinnamon (a mix of China, Vietnamese, Korintje, and Ceylon cinnamons), Chipotle (Ground Red), and Fennel Seed (India Ground). Try all three of them tossed with chunks of fresh apple (skin on) and microwaved.

12/8/11: The gps on my smartphone, which gives me directions to places I’ve never been, all hours of the day or night.

12/7/11: The nurse-instructors in a course for nursing assistants who first opened up for me the new world of bedside nursing care.

12/6/11: Warm water, clean sheets, and easeful sleep — three of life’s best pleasures.

12/5/11: My mother, Lisette Berglund Hyde, who lived until the day before her 102nd birthday and gave me, among many other things, the gift of resilience.

12/4/11: My husband, Stephen George Ruzich: peerless cook and companion; engineer; reader of science and science fiction; trombonist; and more.

12/3/11: My clients and their families, for their patience, trust, and willingness to give and receive help.