Gratitude Series, 01/17/2012

1/7/12:  I am grateful for  remembering my mother-in-law, Gladys Wiseman Ruzich, who passed away one year ago today.

1/6/12:  The open road home on a Friday morning.

1/5/12:  Watching my client’s happy face as she reminisced about old Shirley Temple movies.

1/4/12:  Talking with nurse/meditation teacher/researcher Pamela Ressler about how patients with chronic illness are using blogs as a way to cope with stress and build connections with others. See her work at Stress Resources, Concord, MA.

1/3/12:  Listening to my James Taylor radio station on

1/2/12:  Reading “The Unlikely Spy,” a novel by Daniel Silva, on my new Kindle.

1/1/12:  The Japanese New Year open house party at a friend’s house, complete with lovely platters of traditional Japanese delicacies prepared by my friend and two helpers.