Gratitude Series, 01/21/2012

1/21/12: I am grateful for  affordable health insurance from the Massachusetts health care reform legislation that established a public/private partnership called Commonwealth Care.

1/20/12: The memory of playing tennis with my son Edward and his friend Matt years ago in Concord, NH. How did we play tennis with three people? I think I warmed up with Edward and then watched as the two of them volleyed from side to side.

1/19/12: Singing at the By Your Side Singers pastoral choir rehearsal on Thursday night.
1/18/12: Waiting in the parking lot at the South Acton (MA) commuter rail station for Steve’s train to arrive at 6:12 pm.

1/17/12: Telling the truth at my Tuesday night meeting and seeing people nod and smile around the room.

1/16/12: Practicing mindful breathing on the way home after a hard day.

1/15/12: Wrapping up in the green blanket on my sofa and reading the travel section of the Sunday Boston Globe.