Gratitude Series, 02/07/2012

2/7/12:  I am grateful for  daffodils. It’s not spring yet in Massachusetts, but it will be!

2/6/12:  Poems by Mary Oliver, especially “At Blackwater Pond.”

2/5/12: “Mindfulness in a Crisis,” a handout from mindful hub.

2/4/12:  The rare pleasure of shopping for a new refrigerator.

2/3/12:  My husband Steve, whose birthday is today! What a lovely moment, to think about our complex life together and find it good.

2/2/12:  My sister Katherine’s birthday gift for Steve, a package from Formaggio Kitchen that arrived today with grilled artichokes and a lovely round of goat cheese from Ruggles Hill Creamery, Carlisle, MA.

2/1/12:  “Island at War,” a British television miniseries from 2004 set in the Channel Islands during the German occupation. I love British tv.