Gratitude Series, 02/21/2012

2/21/12:  I am grateful for  the opportunity to come together with a dozen other people to speak our minds and listen to each other. Wow, mutual respect!

2/20/12:  The way Ginzy’s treatment protocols are beginning to show good results.

2/19/12:  Persuading Ginzy to sit still for 10 minutes of treatment with a warm compress.

2/18/12:  More good veterinary care for Ginzy the Cat.

2/17/12:  The great big rosemary plant that grew outside the back door of my house on Hemlock Street in Napa, California, when I was a girl. Our dog Gala used to sleep in a hollow she made beneath it.

2/16/12:  My son Edward, who is coming to cook lunch with me today. (Oops — have to reschedule. Let’s call it Anticipatory Gratitude, in which you’re grateful that you’re going to see someone you love on another day in the future.)

2/15/12:  Cutting out heart-shaped biscuits to top the chicken pot pies we cook in the church kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Series, 02/21/2012

  1. Laura Bentley – Hi, My 10 year old daughter is etranhlled with soul surfer and has become a huge of Bethany and her faith. We have had the opportunity to discuss faith in action and choices that we make.Is there any way to buy a POSTER from the dvd .THE HEART OF A SOUL SURFER???? She has torn down the disney pop star pics on her wall (thank goodness)and wants posters of Bethany!!!! God bless you all richly. Many thx ..Laura and Kayla


    1. Laura, I think you will find the poster you’re looking for on I searched for Soul Surfer Poster and there were several posters of various sizes. Good luck! — Mary Ann


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