What will we talk about in this blog? I envision Joyous Paradox as a place for you, the elder; for you, the family member; and for you, the paid or volunteer caregiver. That’s a tall order, so we’ll talk about many things, but just one at a time. Here are a few broad categories:

  • Aging and Elders — What’s the big picture? Who are we? What do we know about ourselves, getting older? What can we learn from the scientist, the clinician, the public policy researcher, the poet, the mystic, the priest?
  • Self-Care — How can we take care of ourselves, for our own sake as well as for others?
  • Caregiver Resources — Where can we find helpful information, perspective, products, and support? We’ll look at books, articles, websites and more.
  • The Nitty-Gritty — Daily life, for all of us living with illness, injury, frail bodies or sore minds, tends to direct the spotlight of attention on the intimate realities of kitchen, bedroom, and bath. I’ll have some thoughts and practical tips to share.

What else will we talk about? In many ways, that depends on you. Send me a comment or email Thanks!

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