Dear Uncle Ted, Please Use Your Walker

Dear Uncle Ted,

I had such a great time at our visit yesterday. You’re really getting your stride back together with the physical therapy — it’s so great that your physical therapist makes house calls and I’m sure that Randy the Maine Coon Cat did not intend to scratch her. I don’t think she realized that he’s not used to being picked up. Good thing you had the neosporin ointment on hand, no pun intended.

By the way, I really meant it when I said I was glad you won all those hands of rummy yesterday. I think that when I held back on laying down my ace, king, queen of hearts because I wanted to give you a chance to win, I just didn’t realize how much better you were feeling. I’ve never had a score of -89 before.

Next time I won’t put so much powdered chipotle pepper in the crustless quiche. You were very gracious about it and Steve is really into hot foods so it won’t go to waste. I know Randy said he wanted some but I don’t think it would have been a good idea.

So one last thing, I know I reminded you a lot about using your walker, but could I make one last plea? I love you, Uncle Ted, and I know you’re stronger and the new basketball sneakers give your ankles a lot more support, and I want you to be able to build on that. For me it’s just a matter of health, safety and balance. You are strong, you are wonderful, you’re getting back to being more active, and the walker is just a tool. So use it. At home. Especially when Randy gets into the catnip.

Lots of love,

Mary Ann