Gratitude Series, 6/14/2012

6/14/12: I am grateful for my husband Steve Ruzich. Today is our eleventh wedding anniversary.

6/13/12: I am grateful for Pam Ressler’s Meditation Maintenance session tonight in Concord, MA.

6/12/12: I am grateful for Rest Your Weary Head, neuropsychologist and meditation teacher Rick Hanson’s gentle, insightful advice on how to let go of the mind’s relentless chatter, just for a few moments, and find a more spacious sense of peace.

6/11/12: I am grateful for hearing stories from my clients about their companion animals: cats, dogs, wild birds at the bird feeder, a tame chipmunk with a passion for chocolate chip cookies…

6/10/12: I am grateful for learning to work things out with my loved ones.

6/9/12: I am grateful for reading aloud to a client from the story “Dragonfly” in Tales of Earthsea by Ursula K. LeGuin, whose high fantasy stories of an imaginary realm are populated by very real characters.

6/8/12: I am grateful for singing with the By Your Side Singers in rehearsal last night at my church, especially for the chant we do at the end, with the words “Singing, singing with you, singing with you is my prayer.”