Gratitude Series, 7/29/2012

7/29/12: I am grateful for the life stories that my clients tell me, full of unexpected detail and flashes of humor.

7/28/12: I am grateful for L.L. Bean’s Perfect Fit Pants. I don’t usually mention commercial products here, but these stretchable, cotton knit pants are so comfortable that I wear them to all my caregiving assignments. And they have deep pockets!

7/27/12: I am grateful for having lunch with my son Edward at Dorset Tea & Coffee in Wellesley, MA, and listening to his stories about hiking and camping in Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies this summer.

7/26/12: I am grateful for today’s article from, “5 tips to ask for what you want.” Click here to read it, and here to become a member and receive their free newsletter.

7/25/12: I am grateful for reading aloud to a client.

7/24/12: I am grateful for the opportunity to brush the cat.

7/23/12: I am grateful for singing with three members of our pastoral choir at the bedside of someone who is dying.

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