Saturday Upsides, 9/8/2012

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“Saturday Upsides” is a great new concept from Bonnie at Recipes Happen blog. Starting today, she says, “I decided to try to, every Saturday, post something that is ‘finding good in the bad,’ or in other words, looking twice in a situation to find the upside instead of only seeing the downside.”

I like this. Finding the good in the bad, the healing moment in the midst of trouble, is really the heart of Joyous Paradox. So here’s my first attempt.

The Situation: Taking Ginsberg Kitty to the vet today.

The Downside: Wow, big downside here, since Ginzy is having symptoms again with a chronic eye condition that goes by the name of eosinophilic keratitis.  I feel guilty, since I should have taken her in a month ago. Bad Mom! (It’s hard not to admonish myself.)

Ginsberg relaxing

Ginsberg relaxing at home.

The Upsides: (1) Even though I felt awful about procrastinating, I did make the phone call and I got my cat to her appointment on time. (2) Her condition turned out to be not as bad as I thought. (3) The next step is simple: Increase the frequency of her eye drops for a couple of weeks. Then we go back to just Tuesdays and Thursdays. Recheck in six months (not bad). (4) On the trip home, Ginzy and I shared the joy of a simple but underrated emotion: relief. She settled down in her cat carrier. I turned on the radio. Soft Irish harp music. Ahh…

The final upside? I get to share this story with you.

All the best,

Mary Ann

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