Saturday Upsides, 10/6/2012

Saturday Upsides Button This Saturday Upsides post is my third exercise in finding the good — the upside — in a bad situation. For previous Joyous Paradox Saturday Upsides stories, click here

The Situation:  Recently I experimented with cooking something new: wasabi macaroni and cheese. It looked horrible — a rather lurid shade of light green — and tasted worse.

The Downside:  I had to throw out the whole batch, a waste of perfectly good ingredients, not to mention the time I spent cooking it. Besides, I had hoped to make it for someone I know who likes cheese and also likes wasabi.

The Upside: In the first place, I tried this experiment at home in my own kitchen, knowing that it might not work out. Taking risks with recipes, I tell myself, is healthy. It stretches me, which, over time, tends to result in greater flexibility and confidence when I cook for my home-care clients, whose dietary needs can be complex. Besides, learning to tolerate failure in the kitchen helps me strive for progress, not perfection.

Finally, in writing this post, I discovered that recipe failure can actually be a great blog topic. Over at, Bonnie has a collection of stories called “Recipes that didn’t happen.” And wouldn’t you know it? Her story for today is all about a recipe for Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese!

All the best,

Mary Ann

6 thoughts on “Saturday Upsides, 10/6/2012

  1. Haha! Perhaps the Wasabi would be best “on the side”! I love me some hot stuff and would never think to use Wasabi with mac & cheese but why not??? Yum!!!! Plus, you gave me an idea … I think jalapenos would be good in mac & cheese.


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