Gratitude Series, 3/17/2013

3/11/2013: I am grateful for today’s email from that says my video camera has been shipped. With this new tool, I hope to film some short pieces about caregiving and self-care for you to see here on the Joyous Paradox blog.

3/12/2013: I am grateful for my son Edward, who turns 33 years old today. Dear Edward, I remember hearing your first cry, and then a nurse calling out “Ten pounds, three ounces!” as she placed you on the scale in the delivery room.

3/13/2013: I am grateful for Paul Simon’s song “So Beautiful or So What.” At age 70, he sings, “I know life is what you make of it/ So beautiful or so what.”

3/14/2013: I am grateful for the color green, which I look forward to seeing more of as Spring advances in New England. You can feast your eyes on the subtle variations of green grasses in two recent posts that feature a photograph and a short, haiku-like poem that I wrote to accompany it. “Rest” was inspired by a photo of grasses in the wind from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, while “Rest #2” centers on a photo of an olive grove by Jared Gulian of Moon over Martinborough, a New Zealand blog.

3/15/2013: I am grateful for listing Joyous Paradox on, the huge blog directory site that chronicles the State of the Blogosphere and lists 1,323,896 blogs. Hmmm…did I ever think I was one in a million?

3/16/2013: I am grateful for swimming at Beede Swim & Fitness Center, a facility run by the town of Concord, MA, that offers a crystal-clear lap pool, deep water diving pool, warm water therapy pool, and children’s play pool. Today I did my standard 3 sets of 4 laps each.

3/17/2013: I am grateful for this morning’s healing conversation with a friend during the coffee hour after church. Isn’t it great when good things happen because you took a chance and shared your truth?

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Series, 3/17/2013

    1. Thank you, Jared. One thing I do on those hard-slogging days when it’s hard to think of anything I’m grateful for is to sing a silly, improvised song, either just to myself or to my cat. Getting silly and having a laugh helps me lift myself out of the slough of despond and into the light – just like you at Moon over Martinborough.


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