Gratitude Series, 6/2/2013

Garden, painting by H. Lyman Sayen, ca.1915.

“Garden,” H. Lyman Sayen, ca. 1915. Oil on canvas. Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of H. Lyman Sayen to his nation.

6/2/2013: I am grateful for working with my hands in the warm dirt of a sunny garden.

6/1/2013: I am grateful for a song I wrote called “If Life Is Sacred”:

If life is sacred,
Then each moment is holy,
And daybreak rises
From the bed of night.
If rocks and streams
Are made of stardust,
Then every ocean
Is filled with light.

5/31/2013: I am grateful for my feline sofa-pal, Ginsberg.

5/30/2013: I am grateful for my Day-Runner Planner.  Maybe some day I’ll switch to an online calendar like the one I use on my cell phone, but so far I’m still lugging around a real, physical calendar book. (Note: I’m not receiving any compensation for this entry!)

5/29/2013: I am grateful for the Elder Care Professionals Group in — a great resource for everyone who lives with, loves, or works with older adults.

5/28/2013: I am grateful for help in hard times from my husband Steve. He also plays the trombone and digs in the garden.

5/27/2013, Memorial Day: I am grateful for remembering all the men and women who have given their lives while serving our country.

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