Self-Care Diary: Thursday, 11/21/2013

Retro 40This is Day Four of my experimental series, Self-Care Diary. For seven days, I’m sharing the things I’m doing to maintain my health and well-being. Then, at the end of the week, I’ll offer some observations on how things went. What are your favorite self-care activities? Share them in the comments!

Thursday, 11/21/2013

Breakfast: The usual brown rice with soy milk and spices; 3 c coffee.

Exercise: Swimming at Beede Swim & Fitness Center, Concord, MA. I did three sets of four laps for a total of 600 meters (3/8 of a mile). I alternate breast stroke and back stroke, and today I wore my new, bright magenta swimsuit, one of the Tugless Tank suits from Lands End.

Lunch: My husband Steve’s amazing pork stir fry over two slices of Trader Joe’s polenta. The stir fry included 3 ounces of pork plus mushrooms, onions, bok choy, poblano peppers, and red bell pepper, seasoned with Penzey’s Spanish Smoked Paprika and their Sweet Curry Powder.

Companion-animal love: How to be a hero in my household? Feed the kitty! Tonight, I was Ginsberg’s dinner hero.

Dinner: 5-cup Big Bright Salad with minor variations, as usual. (See Monday’s diary for details.)

Singing: 15 minutes of chanted prayer in the tub; 20 minutes of my driving-around song in the car. I also went to the 90-minute rehearsal of the pastoral choir I belong to at my church, By Your Side Singers. We gather twice a month to sing peaceful songs and chants. Then from time to time, three or four of us go to sing at the bedside of a parishioner who requests it. Sometimes we sing for people in hospice care and sometimes for those who are recovering from surgery or otherwise in need of comfort. At rehearsal we take turns sitting in a reclining chair and being sung to. Tonight I lay back in the chair as the choir sang the exquisite hymn “Winds Be Still.” You can hear the melody at the Internet Archive’s Community Audio page by clicking here.

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