Self-Care Diary: Friday, 11/22/2013

Retro 37This is Day Five of my experimental series, Self-Care Diary. For seven days, I’m sharing the things I’m doing to maintain my health and well-being. Then, at the end of the week, I’ll offer some observations on how things went. What are your favorite self-care activities? Does the word “self-care” make you cringe? I invite you to contribute your comments, or you can email me, mabarton01 [at] verizon [dot] net.

Friday, 11/22/2013

Breakfast: The usual brown rice with soy milk and spices; 3 c coffee.

Singing: 15 minutes of chanted prayer in the tub. Later in the day, 30 minutes of singing in the car; I also sang for my co-workers.

Companion-animal love: My cat Ginsberg and I are sofa-pals. We sit together on the sofa in the living room. She purrs, I read my email and browse posts in the LinkedIn Elder Care Professionals and Alzheimer’s & Dementia Professionals groups. My husband shows me silly cat pictures from Imgur and Reddit. We laugh. It’s slightly misty outside. Just for this moment, life is complete.

Lunch: Pork stir fry, 1 large Fuji apple.

Travel and socializing: I drove up to Portsmouth, NH and met my Caring Companion Home Care coworkers for chai and conversation. To my surprise, they presented me with a card and two Amaryllis bulbs in rustic, birch-bark containers in honor of my fourth anniversary with the company. Wow!

Social snack:  Chai in Portsmouth. In my food plan, I allow myself three meals a day plus occasional snacks when I think that a social occasion warrants it. But I don’t allow myself to eat after dinner.  

Dinner: 5-cup Big Bright Salad with minor variations, as usual. (See Monday’s diary for details.)

Meditation: 20 minutes of seated meditation on the breath.


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