Today Love Asks Questions

Editor’s note: My husband and I are celebrating Valentine’s Day, so I wrote a prose poem, “Today Love Asks Questions.” The painting that inspired the poem is Koekkentrappestor (Kitchen Stairs) by the Danish painter Kristian Zahrtmann, painted in 1908, via Wikimedia Commons. — MAB

Today Love Asks Questions: A Prose Poem for Valentine's Day


Today Love Asks Questions

Today Love asks questions in the garden.

“Would there be someone in my life, dear heart, to come upstairs for embracing? Could it be you, my love, my heart? Could it be you?”

And then, because the sun shines, because the pots of salvia and lavender climb the steps, because the shadows love the reflections and the reflections enliven even dark spaces, because the woman sitting at a table at the end of the terrace wears a peach-blossom blouse, because the yellow petals make such a brilliant marriage with the terracotta clay pot next to the doorway, then Love answers her own questions:

“Yes. Yes. Yes.”

— Mary Ann Barton

8 thoughts on “Today Love Asks Questions

  1. Everything is perfect as it is and love says yes. May we all share in that yes, Mary Ann. Such a lovely surprise today, to stumble upon your blog and creativity. thank you. ♥


  2. I love this! So delicate and such a mental picture from reading your poem. I first read pots of saliva, but then got on the right track!


    1. You know, I just took a guess that the red flowers in the pot next to the left-hand post were salvia. Funny! The painter, Kristian Zahrtmann, was known for his expressive use of colors. “Zahrtmann…riots in color,” writes critic Maurice Francis Egan in The American-Scandinavian Review, 1919. “He glows; he throws dashes of amethyst and ruby into your face.”


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