So Glad You Are Having a Baby: A Gallery of Family Portraits for Thanksgiving

“So glad you are having a baby,” I wrote to our daughter and son-in-law when I heard the news. Our granddaughter, the adorable Ava, is now six months old. We’ll see her at Christmas. In the meantime, I’m thinking warm thoughts about families for Thanksgiving. Here we go!

Family 01 So Glad You Are Having a Baby

Family 02 Aart Schouman

Family 03 Ehnle

Family 04 Glindoni


Family 06 Besnard

Family 07 Wodick

Family 08 Sharples

Family 09 Wyspianski


Image credits

So glad you are having a baby: Illustration by Catherine Frances Frere (d. 1921), in Old Deccan Days, a book of fairy tales of India by Mary Eliza Isabella Frere (1845–1911), via Wikimedia Commons.

Painters can tell us a lot about families: Self-portrait by Aart Schoumann, Dutch, 1730, via Wikimedia Commons.

Some families look solemn: Family Portrait by Adrianus Johannes Ehnle, Dutch, 1850, via Wikimedia Commons.

Some families look relaxed: Courtly House Music by Henry Gillard Glindoni, English, 1901, via Wikimedia Commons.

Some family portraits are delicate and pensive: Madeleine Lerolle and Her Daughter Yvonne by Paul-Albert Besnard, French, 1879-1880, via Wikimedia Commons.

Here everyone helps with the baby’s bath: Family Portrait by Edmund Wodick, German, 1855, via Wikimedia Commons.

Here we see the artist with her mother: Self-portrait of Rolinda Sharples with Her Mother Ellen Sharples, English, ca. 1820, via Wikimedia Commons.

So thank you, dear artists, for all your gifts: Motherhood by Stanislaw Wyspiański, Polish, 1905, via Wikimedia Commons.