How Science Can Help You Stick to Your Goals

Editor’s note: Happify is a light-hearted but science-based online resource for games and activities to boost happiness. You might enjoy playing some of these educational games yourself, or trying them out with your dad, your grandmother, or someone else you love. Happify’s new infographic, shown below, bills itself as “17 science-backed secrets to achieving your goals.” Let me know what you think. — MAB

Here's How Science Can Help You Stick to Your Goals

2 thoughts on “How Science Can Help You Stick to Your Goals

  1. Wouldn’t it be amazing if communities could use some of these techniques to work out conflicts–like Congress, say?

    I’m only half serious. Definitely this is unrealistic! But it’s a nice thing to wish for.


    1. Yes, a nice thing to wish for. If I wrote utopian novels, I’d invent a society in which it was just as important to learn the skills of emotional intelligence, cooperation, and conflict resolution as reading, writing, and arithmetic. Michele Lilyanna is a teacher who teaches emotional intelligence to her elementary school students. She offers free curriculum materials for parents and teachers at her blog, Happiness and Joy Lessons.


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