Lucidpress Features Me in a Case Study

March 8, 2015

Editor’s note: Lucidpress, the company whose graphics software I use for image posts like Paintings for a Snowy Day, is featuring me in a case study on their new website. Thanks to Vicky Thomas and her colleagues for a sweet boost! Check out five other Lucidpress users at the Case Study Home. — MAB


Mary Ann Barton | Maynard, MA, USA

Independent blogger and author Mary Ann Barton was just looking for a way to spice up her blog with infographics and other visuals when she discovered Lucidpress’s digital publication toolbox. Now she’s amazed at how thoroughly it transformed the way she works.



Joyous Paradox is a blog written for the benefit of the elderly and their caregivers. The Rest series is a collection of four books written for the same audience, set to be released in the future.


  • Cloud based – edit documents anywhere, any time
  • Ease of use – intuitive interface empowers users who don’t have design experience


Mary Ann wanted to do something different for her blog readers. A talented writer, she was used to communicating with her primary audience—individuals caring for elderly family members—through text-heavy blog posts. Hoping to design content that would better capture her audience’s attention, she began looking for a way to incorporate attractive visuals into her posts.

At the same time, Mary Ann was in the midst of writing a 4-part book series intended for the same audience. She wanted to ensure that the resulting eBook would be aesthetically pleasing but wasn’t sure she had enough design experience to do it herself.


The first thing that Mary Ann noticed about Lucidpress was its ease of use. Intuitive drag-and-drop controls and elegant templates enabled her to turn out one polished graphic after another, despite the fact that she had never designed such visuals before. Soon she was adding her own content to Lucidpress’s newsletter template to create infographics and images with text overlays. From there, she simply exported her creations as PNGs and embedded them in her blog posts. As a bonus, she discovered that she could also design the covers of her books using Lucidpress’s pre-created magazine templates.


INTEGRATED CREATIVE PROCESS. Now that she uses Lucidpress, the visual and textual components of Mary Ann’s work go hand in hand. Energy and enthusiasm have replaced the stress that once accompanied questions of layout and design. For example, she’s found that toying with image placement within Lucidpress actually sparks her creativity and inspires her writing. Describing this change, she said, “It’s truly astounding what a difference this tool has made. I wouldn’t have been able to write that poem without it—it just wouldn’t have come out the way it did. Nor would I have been able to see it on my screen in this book setting. The designing and writing are happening side by side.” Thanks to Lucidpress, Mary Ann has more creative freedom than ever before.

BETTER ENGAGEMENT. Readership on the blog has increased, as have the number of followers, since Mary Ann began using Lucidpress. Although it’s impossible to say how much of that growth can be attributed to the documents she creates in Lucidpress, Mary Ann said, “Given how prominent visual elements are in the blog world, I think it probably plays a big part.”

COST SAVINGS. Without Lucidpress, Mary Ann says she would have had to hire a professional designer to draft her book covers. Even though her initial goal in using Lucidpress was to create blog content, she was pleased to discover this unexpected benefit.

Though our software is simple to learn, it’s filled with powerful features that meet your unique publishing needs.As you discover the ease of designing with Lucidpress, you’ll wonder why you ever did it any other way.



Source: Lucidpress  Disclosure: I am not receiving any monetary compensation for mentioning Lucidpress. Just enduring fame. — MAB

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